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Learning From The Exam
What Can I Learn From This Exam That Will Help Me On Later Exams?


How successful was your exam preparation?

Your grade is an indication of how well you prepared.

But you need to know more.

What kinds of questions did you miss?  Why?

What kinds of questions did you do well on?  Why?

Print and use the Exam Analysis below to get a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses on one of your recent exams. It will help you prepare better in the future.


Question Number Type of Question
(T/F, MC, Short Answer, Essay, etc.)
Location of Answer
(Chapter, Page #, Lecture Notes, Date)
Reason for Incorrect Answer
(Misread, Notes Incomplete, Never Read, etc.)

Now look for a pattern in your incorrect answers.

I missed more questions on chapters and on type questions. 

I think that is because:


To improve on my next exam, I will:






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