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Stage 3: Review Intensively
How Can I Make Intensive Review Pay Off?


Want to know the secrets for making review pay off?  

So, the secrets aren't very secret.  You already know WHAT to do.

But do you know HOW to do it?  Especially steps 3 and 4?

Here are some good ideas...

Organizing, Labeling, Learning A Lot Of Stuff

To really learn material, you need to sort it, condense it, organize it.

Check out the review strategies below.

They take work, but they work.

1.  Condense, Summarize, or Outline
  • Put ideas in your own words.  No simple-minded copying.
  • Use for any course to see concept relationships.

2.  Draw and Label Your Own Diagrams/Pictures
  • Use for complicated systems.
  • Increases visual memory.

3.  Create Time Lines
  • Use for chronological events or sequential systems/processes.

4.  Make Charts
  • Use to compare several theories/systems/processes.

5.  Organize/Work Problems



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