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Time Wasters
Where Does My Time Go?
Some time just disappears. 

To find out where some of yours goes, check the "time waster(s)" below that apply to you.
Self-Imposed Time Wasters
(You do these to yourself.)

 Visiting with friends
 Talking on the phone
 Listening to music
 Watching TV
 Computer games, e-mail, etc.
 Not being able to say no
 Alcohol/recreational drugs
 Not following the instructions
 Making avoidable mistakes
 Poor reading/study skills
 Poor concentration
 Lack of planning

System-Imposed Time Wasters
(Someone else does these to you.)

 Over-long visits
 Phone interruptions
 Music/noise in area
 Roommate problems
 Unclear assignments
 Too many demands
 Other people's problems
 Mechanical failures
 Illness or fatigue
 Lack of authority

The one time waster that has the most NEGATIVE consequences for me is...

I am willing to reduce the time I waste on this activity.        


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